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How To Center Calligraphy {or any type of script} on an Envelope

Erin CassidyComment

For all you beginner calligraphers out there, I thought you might find this calligraphy tutorial helpful.  If you are like me, you can’t stand measuring text to center calligraphy on an envelope. My method for centering is very simple! This method works on both light and dark envelopes. If you are using a dark envelope, a pencil will work just fine, but it’s easier to both see and erase lines made with a white quilter’s pencil from Fons & Porter.

How To Center Calligraphy (or any type of script) On an Envelope

1. Download the small envelope template from Logos Calligraphy. It is available for free on her blog page. Download and print this template.

2. Center your blank envelope on top of the template. You may want to tape your envelope down so it doesn’t shift. Using a ruler, recreate the template on your envelope.

3. Upload the Logos Calligraphy small envelope template into Photoshop. Using a script that’s similar in size and look to yours, type the address (centered) on top of the template. I use a CopperplateScript font from My FontSpace.

4. Edit kerning (about 75). Print the template.

5. Put your envelope with the penciled lines underneath the template with the script. Mark the beginning and end point of each line of text. 

6. Calligraph the address.

7.  Give it some time for your ink to dry. If you are in a rush, use a hairdryer on the hot setting first, then finish off with the cool air setting.

8. Erase all pencil lines and add beautiful vintage stamps. I purchased mine from Verde Studio.